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Sustainable & Fair-Trade Decorations for a Green Christmas

fair trade christmas decorations

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Ten Thousand Villagescrochet christmas decorations

One of my absolute favorites – For over 70 years, Ten Thousand Villages has chosen to work with women, people with disabilities, and other generally overlooked members of society. They celebrate generations of artisan traditions in all their exceptional ethically inspired products.

Christmas Products: Felt, Glass, and Wooden Ornaments, Garlands and Streamers, Nativities and Menorahs, Cards and Gift Wrap



Swahili African Moderngreen christmas

Originally begun in Kenya, Swahili Modern has expanded to employ independent artisans in 15 countries across Africa. The brand gives women the ability to earn a fair living – as the backbone of their  family- from the comfort of their own homes instead of having to search for low-paying work in the cities.

Christmas Products: Soapstone, Beaded and Wooden Ornaments, Nativities, Candle Holders, and Sculptures



The Sparrow Studioenvironmentally friendly christmas decorations

The Sparrow Studio is a cooperative made up of 27 female survivors of the massive 1994 genocide in Kigali, Rwanda. Now powerful mothers and talented artisans, they have joined founder Annie Philips in creating beautiful ethically and sustainably sourced handmade goods.

Christmas Products: Fabric and Woven Fiber Ornaments, Hand Towels, Stockings, and Garland



Serrvgreen christmas

A global nonprofit dedicated to ending generational poverty through fair-trade employment. They publish their annual reports and provide employment to over 8,000 artisans in 25 different countries. They ensure all their products are made of sustainable materials as they actively work with their artisan communities to rebuild and preserve the environment.

Christmas Products: Tree Skirts, Tea Towels and Table Runners, Candle Holders, Bells, Nativities, Large Variety of Ornaments


The Christmas Companyfelt christmas ornaments

The Christmas Company is a UK based, ethically sourced collection of hand-embroidered holiday goods. For over two decades, they have worked with charities in Thailand that help underprivileged women find fair work. They now employ over 200 artisans.

Christmas Products: Historically, Culturally, or Religiously Inspired Sewn and Embroidered Ornaments and Stockings.



West Elmwest elm christmas decorations

West Elm is a must-see for stylish and modern home décor. Born in Brooklyn in 2002, they have dedicated themselves to sustainable and ethical sourcing in every stage of production. In 2014, they became the first US home brand to be Fair-Trade Certified ™. They have since created a large exclusive collection of Fair-Trade, organic, and handcrafted products.

Christmas Products: Trees and  Tree Skirts, Wreaths and Garlands, Stockings, Large Variety of Ornaments, Miscellaneous Holiday Decor