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Zero Waste Fashion Brand Lili + Mysa Designs Clothes that will Become Flowers


Newly launched zero waste fashion brand, Lili + Mysa, has revamped the idea of circular fashion. Brand founder and sustainable innovator, Nicole Trovato, is on a mission to fully cut back fashion waste by designing garments that are not only 100% biodegradable, but PLANTABLE as well!

Lili + Mysa is an acronym for the brand’s vision. “Lili” stands for “Lilium” – the genus name for the lily flower, one of the many beautiful flowers that can be grown from their apparel. The second part, “Mysa” is a Swedish word used to describe the feeling of being comfortable and content. “With every L+M piece from the design stage to wear, we like to consider how we can evoke this feeling,” says Nicole, “We are certainly satisfied with the knowledge that our clothes are healthy for the earth and made of the best, coziest fibers.”


Typically, fashion waste is created during the birth and death of each garment. Lili + Mysa has taken sustainability beyond their production process by empowering their customers to create new life with the disposal of their plantable collection.

The brand specializes in cotton basics, swimwear, and accessories. The factory-free garments are grown from natural cotton fibers then lovingly handmade by the brand’s New York City artisans and shipped in 100% biodegradable packaging. The plantable collection pieces are embedded with seed fibers that are dormant during wear but will flourish once buried in soil, allowing the garment to fully biodegrade and produce beautiful flowers withing 1-3 months.

To celebrate their new launch, they are offering a 15% discount on all purchases for the first week, April 18th-25th! 

Additionally, Lili + Mysa offers an evergreen 20% discount on each item if you choose to create your silhouette from their leftover yarns. This option gives you a one-of-a-kind piece while producing the least amount of waste possible.

Check out the full plantable collection here or take their personality quiz to find out which of their many flowers best fits you!


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